TruNude was established to make your most personal attire personal. We allow women to wear their second skin through a unique bra shopping experience. Powered by a selfie, TruNude is simple and easy, because that's what women want. Our four step process: 

  • allows you to take more fashion risks;
  • eliminates pesky bra straps in constant need of hiding; 
  • provides seamless comfort and structure; 
  • gives you the confidence to know that all eyes are on your outfit and not what's underneath;
  • makes you feel sleek, sexy, and sophisticated

We successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign and are now working to bring TruNude to market. As our mailing list grows, we want to give more women the opportunity to pre order bras and learn more about our company.  We want to hear from you! Sign up for our newsletter, follow along on our social pages, and write us.  

Thank you for choosing your TruNude. 

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